Robbie Jansen Discography


Mannenberg (Dollar Brand)

The Pilgrim (Dollar Brand)

Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim): Piano

Paul Micheals: Bass

Basil Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone and Flute

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone and Flute

Morris Goldberg: Alto Saxophone

Monty Weber: Drums

Recorded 1974

ANTHOLOGY PART 1 (Pacific Express)

What I Feel (Jonathan Butler)

Brother (Chris Schilder)

Give A Little Love (Chris Schilder)

Black Fire (Chris Schilder)

Do The Boogie (Alivin Dyers / Jonathan Butler)

Express (Paul Abrahams / Jack Momple / Jonathan Butler / Tony Cedras)

Saturday Night (Chris Schilder)

Come True (Jonathan Butler)

Feelings (Chris Schilder)

She’s Gone (Jonathan Butler)

Sky Ride 2 (Chris Schilder)

Funky Sounds (Jonathan Butler)

Good Old Song (M. Williams / R. Davis)

What Is The Answer (Tony Cedras)

Paul Abrahams: Bass Guitar

Jack Momple: Drums

Issy Ariefdien: Electric Guitar and Vocals

Zayn Adams: Lead Vocals and Percussion

Chris Schilder: Keyboards

Basil Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone and Flute

Robbie Jansen: Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Flute and Alto Saxophone

Vic Higgins: Drums and Percussion

Jonathan Butler: Lead Vocals and Guitars

Tony Cedras: Keyboards and Trumpet

Barney Rachabane: Alto Saxophone

Stompie Manana: Trumpet

Erica: Lead Vocals

Alvin Dyers: Electric Guitar and Vocals

Trevor Packard: Keyboards

String Arrangements: Gerry Bosman / Tony Cedras

Brass Arrangements: Chris Schilder / Robbie Jansen / Tony Cedras

A compilation from various Pacific Express albums made in the late 1970s and released here in 1999. The only Pacific Express album to feature Robbie Jansen was ‘Black Fire’.


Chisa (Masekela)

Nomali (Semenya)

The Big Apple (Semenya)

Hugh Masekela: Fluegelhorn

Dudu Pukwana: Alto Saxophone

Larry Willis: Piano

Makhaya Ntshoko: Drums

Eddie Gomez: Acoustic Bass

All Day And All Night Long (Brand)

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen (Traditional)

Black And Brown Cherries (Brand)

Dollar Brand: Piano

Kippie Moeketsi: Alto Saxophone

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone

Basil Mannenberg Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Duke Makasi: Tenor Saxophone

Arthur Jacobs: Tenor Saxophone

Barney Rachabane: Flute, Alto Saxophone

Victor Ntoni: Bass

Basil Moses: Bass

Lionel Beukes: Fender Bass

Timmy Kwebulana: Drums

Monty Weber: Drums

Nasier Kapdi: Drums

Recorded 1982


African Jazz Dance (Coetzee)

CT Blues (Martin)

Khayalitsha Dance (Coetzee)

Song For Winnie (Coetzee)

Coventry Road (Coetzee)

Mama (Brand)

Basil Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone

Paul Abrahams: Bass

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone

Jack Momple: Drums

Michael Martin: Piano

Vic Higgins: Percussion

Titch Jean-Pierre: Guitar

James Kibby: Guitar

Recorded 1987

VASTRAP ISLAND (Robbie Jansen)

How I’d Love To Feel Free (Jansen / Khan)

Love Song For A Forgotten People (Erasmus)

Kalahari Thirst (Erasmus)

Hotnotstee Party (Erasmus / Jansen)

Bokaap Kwela (Jansen / Khan)

Down South In Africa (Jansen)

Winds Of Change (Dyers)

Hoya-Tjie-Bongo (Jansen)

Umfanekiso Nyagyeni (Schilder)

Da Ghomma Call (Jansen)

Recorded 1991

CAPE JAZZ (Various)

Umlazi (B. Coetzee) - Basil Coetzee and Sabenza

Pedal Pusher (Goldberg / Bravo) - Morris Goldberg

Wave After Wave (G. McKenzie) - The Genuines

Bôkaap Kwela (Jansen / Khan) - Robbie Jansen and The Heart Throb

Come On Home (Basil Coetzee) - Basil Coetzee

7th Avenue (J. Butler) - Jonathan Butler

Mitchell’s Plain Samba (T. Schilder) - Tony Schilder

Coventry Road (P. Abrahams) - Sabenza

Hotnotsteeparty (Erasmus / Jansen) - Robbie Jansen

Basil Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone (1, 5)

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone (1, 4, 8, alto and percussion 9)

Monty Weber: Drums (1)

Paul Abrahams: Bass (1, 8)

Paula Goldstone: Piano (1)

Morris Goldberg: Alto Saxophone (2)

Cecil Ricca: Drums (2)

Tony Schilder: Piano (2, 7)

Gary Kriel: Bass (2, 7)

Hilton Schilder: Piano (3)

Gerald McKenzie: Bass (3)

Gerard O’Brian: Electric Guitar (3)

Vincent Pavitt: Drums (3)

Jack Momple: (4)

Erol Dyers: Guitar (4, 8)

David Bravo: Keyboards (5)

James Kibby: Guitar (5)

Jonathan Butler: Guitar (6)

Tony Cedras: Piano (6)

Richard Picket: Drums (7)

Ezra Ngcukana: Tenor Saxophone (7)

Vic Higgins: Percussion (8)

Steven Erasmus: Bass (9)

This compilation, featuring some previously unissued tracks, was released in 1992. The personel listing is only partially complete in the liner notes.

UNAMUNACUA (Tananas Wide Ensemble)

Nongolo (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Folk Vibe 1 (Herman / Newman / Baloi / Ram / Scarr)

Folk Vibe 2 (Herman / Newman / Baloi / Ram / Scarr)

Seven (Herman / Newman / Khanyile)

Unamunacua (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Eastern (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Blues For Dad (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Unamunacua (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Hard Hat Jive (Herman / Newman / Baloi)

I’ll Be Waiting In The Lounge (Herman / Newman / Baloi / Ram / Scarr)

Funky Bumpkins (Ian Herman / Steve Newman)

Zanzibar (Edu Lobo)

Margaret (Mahlasela / Herman / Newman)

Half Seven (Herman / Newman / Khanyile)

Ian Herman: Drums, Percussion, Programming

Steve Newman: Guitar, Duang, Chanting

Paul Hanmer: Piano (1, 4, 7, 10, 11, 14)

Khaya Mahlungu: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet (1)

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone (1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 14)

Sibusiso Victor Masondo: Electric Bass Guitar (2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 12)

Narjan Frank-Sterling: Violin (2)

Noise Khanyile: Violin, Vocals (2, 4, 6, 9, 14)

Pedro Espi-Sanchis: Xizambi [Mouth Harp], Lekolilo [PVC Pipe], Jaw Harp, Mbira (3, 4, 9, 14)

Michael Kier: Splab (3)

Kelly Petlane: Penny Whistle (4, 14)

Gloria Bosman: Vocals, Backing Vocals  (4. 6, 13, 14)

Fana Zulu: Bass (6, 8)

Peter Sklair: Bass Guitar (10)

Nico Carstens: Accordian (10)

Vusi Mahlasela: Guitar, Vocals (13)

Recorded 1996

MANTRA MODE (Abdullah Ibrahim)

Bayi Lam (Traditional)

Dindela (Ibrahim)

Barakaat (Ibrahim)

Tafelberg Samba / Carnival Samba (Ibrahim / Appolis)

Mantra Mode (Ibrahim)

Beautiful Love (Ibrahim)

Tsakwe / Royal Blue (Ibrahim)

Abdullah Ibrahim: Piano (Drums on Beautiful Love)

Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee: Tenor Saxophone

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute

Johnny Mekoa: Trumpet

Monty Weber: Drums

Spencer Mbadu: Bass

Errol Dyers: Guitar

Recorded 1999

THE CAPE DOCTOR (Robbie Jansen)

The Cape Doctor Introduction (R. Jansen)

Home Grown (S. Erasmus)

Criminal Minded (H. Schilder)

Mankunku (H. Schilder)

Khoisan Symphony No 1 (H. Schilder)

Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael / Gorrell)

Tasteful Thoughts - Take 2 (S. Erasmus)

Cape Medley (Trad. arr. R. Jansen)

Zeekoevlei (H. Schilder)

Labourer’s Samba (S. Erasmus)

Khoisan Symphony No 2 - An African Symphony (H. Schilder)

Robbie Bop (R. Jansen)

Air Free (R. Jansen)

Robbie Jansen: Saxophones, Uhadi Mouth Bow, Percussion, Sounds, Rap, Vocals, Berimbau

Steven Erasmus: Bass, Vocals

Hilton Schilder: Piano, Electric Keyboards, Rap, Vocals

Jack Momple: Drums

Nazim Brown: Electric Guitar (1, 10)

Alex van Heerden: Trumpet, Flugelhorn (3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Martin Holm: Tenor Saxophone (3, 8)

Murray Anderson: Acoustic Guitar (12)

Recorded 2000

NO TURNING BACK (Hilton Schilder)

No Turning Back (H. Schilder)

For Tony (H. Schilder)

Cole (H. Schilder)

Mr. Cool Is In The Lounge (T. Schilder)

Tone Nails (H. Schilder)

View From The Top (H. Schilder)

Why? All This Time (Robbie Jansen)

Red Rock City (Mac McKenzie)

Patricia (H. Schilder)

Tesna (H. Schilder)

Email To The Ancestors (H. Schilder)

Why? Come On World (Robbie Jansen)

Hilton Schilder: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals, Drum Programming, Violin, Egyptian Tabla, Ngora [Khoi Mouth Bow], Electric Guitar

Robbie Jansen: Saxophones, Flute, Rap (1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12)

Jack Momple: Drums (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 - body perc)

Spencer Mbadu: Bass (1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11 - body perc)

Alou April: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Electric Guitar (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 12)

Tony Schilder: Piano (2, 4)

Zayn Adam: Vocals (7, 12)

Murray Anderson: Synth Programming (7, 12)

Mac McKenzie: Electric Guitar (8, 11 - body perc)

Recorded 2003

HEALING DESTINATION (The Goema Captains of Cape Town)

Alibama (Traditional arr. McKenzie)

Healing Destination (McKenzie, remix Amato)

Night March (Traditional arr. McKenzie)

Disentangled (McKenzie)

Red Rock City (McKenzie)

The Healing (McKenzie / H. Schilder)

To Wisdom (McKenzie)

Raa (McKenzie)

Goema Goema (Traditional arr. McKenzie)

Bolero (Ravel arr. McKenzie)

Goema Blues in F (McKenzie)

Mac McKenzie: Guitar

Hilton Schilder: Percussion, Piano, Mouth Bow (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Alex van Heerden: Trumpet (1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 2 & 7 - vocals, 5 & 7 - accord)

Riedwaan Ballie: Double Bass (1, 3, 5, 10, 11)

Ernie Deane: Vocals (2, 7)

Zolani Mahola: Vocals (2, 9, 10)

Kaatjie Davids: Banjo (2, 3, 5, 7 - mandolin, 10, 11)

Clement Benny: Drums (2, 6 - and voice, 8)

Ben Amato: Bass, Flute, Saxophones (2)

Kirk Diederichs: Drums (3, 5, 9, 11)

Dullah Davids: Tambourine (5, 11)

Liz Broakhart: Bass Steelpan (3, 5, 11)

Mike Rennie: Violin (4)

Robbie Jansen: Saxophone (4, 9)

Jonathon Rubain: Electric Bass (7)

Mark Fransman: Saxophone (8)

Eddie Jooste: Double Bass (8)

Vince Kolbe: Piano (9)

Recorded 2002-3

NOMAD JÊZ (Robbie Jansen)

Elsies Toe (Jansen / April)

Welcome Home - Sarah Baartman. AKA Allou’s Goema (April)

Grassy Park Requiem (H. Schilder / Jansen)

Cape Joy (April / Jansen)

Sommer Ghoema (April)

Song For Carmine (H. Schilder / Jansen)

Redemption Song (B. Marley)

What’s Going On (Gaye / Cleveland / Benson)

Bonus Track - What’s Going On (Gaye / Cleveland / Benson)

Robbie Jansen: Alto Saxophone, Lead Vocals, Flute, Percussion

Hilton Schilder: Piano and Keyboards (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9)

Errol Dyers: Acoustic Guitar (1)

Spencer Mbadu: Bass Guitar (1, 5)

Ivan Bell: Drums and Percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9)

Warrick Sony: Tambourine (2)

Allou April: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocal (2, 3, 4, 6, 7 ,8, 9)

Michael Philips: Bass Guitar (2, 6, 8, 9)

Willie Haubricht: Trombone (3)

Buddy Wells: Tenor Saxophone (3)

Steven Erasmus: Bass Guitar (4)

Alex van Heerden: Trumpet (5)

Nazim Brown: Electric Guitar (5)

Rene Jansen: Vocals (8, 9)

Recorded 2005

UNGALIBALI (Little Giants)

Anton’s Tea Party with Amazonian Cannibals (V. Gugushe)

Revolution Around Notes (T. Puoane / V. Gugushe / G. Werner)

Ungalibali (L. Gogwana)

Blue Monday (L. Saville)

Retreat! Beware Of The Chicken (G. Werner)

I’ve Been Here Before (S. Johannes)

Yakali’nkomo (W. Ngozi)

Shannon’s Norwegian Sunset (C. Engel)

K Blues (K. Ahrends)

Sobukwe (E. Ngcukana)


Darren English: Trumpet

Lwanda Gogwana: Trumpet

Odi Human: Trumpet

Jodi Kriel: Trumpet

Dylan Majoos: Trombone

Vuyo Gugushe: Trombone, Rap

Chris Engel: Saxophones

Spicer de Billiers: Alto Saxophone

Justin Keeble: Alto Saxophone

Sisonki Xonti: Tenor Saxophone

Shaun Johannes: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Keyboards

Luke Saville: Piano, Keyboards

Jamé Forbes: Rap

Craig Mehl: Drums

Keenan Ahrends: Guitar


Ezra Ngcukana: Tenor Saxophone

George Werner: Piano, Keyboards

Ghalik Jacobs: Keyboards, Programming

speical guests

Robbie Jansen: Flute, Alto Saxophone

Soi Soi Gqeza: Vocals

Recorded 2006

CAPE JAZZ 3 - GOEMA (Various Artists)

Grassy Park Requiem: Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain

Bushy: Basil Coetzee

Boude: The Tony Schilder Trio

Black and Brown Cherries: Dollar Brand

CT Blues: Sabenza

Country Cooking: Chris McGregor

Alabama: Robbie Jansen

For Tony: The Hilton Schilder Group

Goema Goema: The Goema Captains

Sonesta: Errol Dyers

Polvyntjie: Coenie de Villiers feat. Basil Coetzee


SUMMER IN CAPE TOWN VOL. 1 (Various Artists)

Sunny: Robbie Jansen

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise: Erin Clark

Disappear: James Kibby Project

Ndiyayivuma Lendaba: Zami Mdimgi

Envelope for Penelope: Peter Ndlala

L-O-V-E: Leslie Jooste

Back of the Moon: Titi Tsira

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore: Perfect Way feat. Erika Lundi

Meadowlands: Soi Soi Gqeza and Titi Tsira

Cape Samba: Little Giants

A Hundred and Ten In The Shade: James Kibby Project

All About “Jazz Potjie Projects”: Benedict Peters - Fine Music Radio

What A Wonderful World: Soi Soi Gqeza

Wat Nie Dood Maak Nie, Maak Vet: Gramadoelas

9 Bath Street Goema - Robbie Jansen

Erin Clark: vocals

Emile Duse: electric bass

Darren English: trumpet

Carlo Fabe: drums

Denver Furness: drums

Soi Soi Gqeza: vocals

Robbie Jansen: alto saxophone, vocals

Leslie Javan: guitar

Leslie Jooste: vocals

James Kibby: guitar, vocals

Chad Lawrence: trombone

Erika Lundi: vocals

Zami Mdimgi: vocals

Craig Flour: drums

Peter Ndlala: electric bass

Peter Benedict: MC

Kim Raad: tenor saxophone

Wesley Rustin: acoustic & electric bass

Andre Swartz: drums

Tracey-Lee Theunissen: trumpet

Titi Tsira: vocals

Alex van Heerden: accordion, vocals

Andreas Wellmann: Hammond organ, piano

George Werner: piano

Sisonke Xonti: tenor saxophone

Recorded 20 January 2008

WINTER IN CAPE TOWN VOL. 2 (Various Artists)

Fire (H. Schilder) - Hilton Schilder

Here Is That Rainy Day (Burke / Van Heusen) - Erika Lundi

Tenderly (Gross / Lawrence) - Robbie Jansen and Hilton Schilder

Sweet As Hani [for Chris Hani] (Hilton Schilder) - Hilton Schilder

He’s Got My Back [He’s My Baby] (L. Chase) - Lu Chase

Maanlig (Ferguson) - Dave Ferguson

Rainy Night In Cape Town (White) - Late Edition feat. Titi Tsira

A Moment In Muizenberg (J. Weber) - Little Giants

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (Roberts / Fisher) - Erika Lundi

Mama Ndyalela (C. Semenya) - Sylvia Mdunyelwa

A Whiter Shade of Pale (Booker / Reid / Fisher) - Robbie Jansen

Until the Rain Comes (P. Apfelbaum) - Little Giants

Imbawula (trad.) - Titi Tsira and the Earthtones

Lu Chase: vocals

Erin Clark: vocals

Emile Duse: electric bass

Dave Ferguson: vocals, harmonica, live loops

Denver Furness: drums

Lwanda Gogwana: trumpet

Alex van Heerden: trumpet

Robbie Jansen: alto saxophone, flute, vocals

James Kibby: guitar, vocals

Erika Lundi: vocals

Amanda Martin: vocals

Craig Flour: drums

Pamela Mtati: vocals, djembe

Sylvia Mdunyelwa: vocals

Peter Ndlala: electric bass

Duke Ngcukana: flugelhorn

Ezra Ngcukana: tenor saxophone

Benedict Peters: MC

Kim Raad: tenor saxophone

Wesley Rustin: accoustic bass, electric bass

Norman Saul: electric bass

Hilton Schilder: piano

Titi Tsira: vocals, percussion

Jessie Walker: piano

Joshua Walker: electric bass

Andreas Wellmann: Hammond organ, piano

George Werner: piano

Sisonke Xonti: tenor saxophone

Recorded 3 August 2008

WINTER IN CAPE TOWN VOL.3 (Various Artists)

Lakutshon’ Ilanga (Mackay Davashe) - Sandile Gontsana and Titi Tsira

Liquorice (Keith Macfarlane) - Mike Laatz and Keith Macfarlane)

Walk Between The Raindrops (Donald Fagan) - Erika Lundi

Everybody's Talkin' (Fred Neil) - Perfect Way feat. Titi Tsira

Freezing Dawn (James Kibby) - James Kibby Project

Yakal' Inkomo (Wintson Mankunku Ngozi) - Sandile Gontsana

Monwabisi (Bheki Mseleku) - George Werner Band

Black Or White (Michael Jackson / Bill Botrell) - James Kibby Project

Come Rain Or Come Shine (Johnny Mercer) - Erika Lundi

Capey (George Werner) - Little Giants

Alfie (Bacharach / David) - Robbie Jansen and Hilton Schilder

Waltz In F Major [Excerpts Of "A Cape-Jazz Symphony"] (Mac McKenzie)

Moherero [Manyamani Vuvuzela] (Traditional) - The Traditional Amakhondero Ensemble

Emile Duse: bass (10)

Sisonke Godlo: djembe (13)

Lwanda Gogwana: flugelhorn (1, 7, 10, 12)

Sandile Gontsana: vocals (1, 6)

Andre Hope: bass (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12)

Robbie Jansen: alto saxophone (11)

Henry Jeane: lead horn (13)

James Kibby: guitar, vocals (4, 5, 8)

Mike Laatz: alto saxophone (2)

Zuko Londzi: horn (13)

Erika Lundi: vocals (3, 9)

Keith Macfarlane: guitar (2)

Sabulela Malgas: horn (13)

Simphiwe Matiza: horn (13)

Xolani Mazula: horn (13)

Mac Mckenzie: guitar (12)

Craig Mehl: drums (10)

Zamile Mrwetyana: djembe (13)

Nkosana Muleka: horn (13)

Kim Raad: tenor saxophone (10)

Wesley Rustin: bass (9)

Hilton Schilder: (10)

Andre Swartz: drums (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12)

Titi Tsira: vocals (1, 4)

Andreas Wellmann: hammond organ (3, 4, 5, 8)

George Werner: piano (1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12)

Sisonke Xonti: tenor saxophone (6, 7, 10, 12)

Recorded 2 August 2009 except tracks 9 and 11 (3 August 2008) and track 10 (7 August 2007)

BLACK TEARDROPS (Movement in the City)

Lament (Mohammed)

Black Teardrops (Mohammed)

Seagull (Mohammed)

Camel Walk (Mohammed)

‘Pops’ Mohammed Ismail: keyboards, guitar, organ

Basil ‘Manenberg’ Coetzee: tenor saxophone (flute on 4)

Robbie Jansen: alto saxophone, flute

Sipho Gumede: bass guitar

Roger Harry: drums

Monty Weber: drums (4)

Richard Peters: bass (4)



Red Rock City - Mac McKenzie and the Goema Captains of Cape Town

Amazing Grace - Ernie

Nalete - Neo Muyanga

Don't Push - Mikanic Featuring Ernie Deane and Lee Thomson

Vibin' At Cairo's - Richard Ceasar

Time To Fight - Carla Dimonde and the David Poole Quartet

DJ's Request - Black Noize Featuring Sky189

Slow Slow - Robbie Jansen And The Sons Of Table Mountain

Nasty - Golliwog

Vrou Van Samaria - Alex Van Heerden; Derek Gripper

On And On - The Khoi Khonnextion

Ignorance - Devious

Eclipse - Tribe

Recorded 2002

PRAISES (Robbie Jansen)

Praise My Soul

I Lift My Hands


How Great Thou Art

Wonderbaar Heiland

Die Maan

Abide With Me

Silent Night

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Die Liefde van Jesus

Robbie Jansen: alto saxophone, flute, vocals

Alex van Heerden: brass, accordion, keyboards

Anandan Sivamani: percussion

Jack Momple: percussion

Brydon Bolton: double bass

  1. N.Brown: guitar, electric bass

Ivan Bell: drums

Jackie Volmink: chorus

Karen Kastoor: chorus

Jeanette Jantjies: chorus


CAPE JAZZ CLASSICS (Various Artists)

Tsakwe / Royal Blue (Abdullah Ibrahim) - Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain

Bayeza (trad. arr. Mankunku) - Sylvia Mdunyelwa with guest Winston “Mankunku” Ngozi

Stop and Start (P. Matshikiza) - Pat Matshikiza with guest Basil “Maneneberg” Coetzee

Kalahari Thirst (R. Jansen) - Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain

Tshona (P. Matshikiza) - Pat Matshikiza with guests Basil “Maneneberg” Coetzee and Robbie Jansen

You Think You Know Me [But You Will Never Know Me] (M. Feza) - Ezra and Duke Ngcukana

Manenberg... [Is Where It’s Happening] (Dollar Brand) - Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain


NB. Spellings and Composers as per CD notes


Dollar’s Mood (Hugh Masekela) - The Jazz Epistles

Sip & Fly (Ntemi Piliso) - African Jazz Pioneers

Tlhapi Ke Noga (Sam Maile) - Dolly Rathebe

Lonely Days (Patrick Jabu Nkosi) - Zacks Nkosi

Chobolo (Spokes Mashiyane) - Spokes Mashiyane

Be My Guest (The Manhattan Brothers) - The Manhattan Brothers

Manenberg (Dollar Brand) - Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain

Zandile (Victor Ndlazilwane) - The Jazz Ministers

Woza (Peter Mokonotela) - The Elite Swingsters

Five Bells (Dorothy Masuka) - Dorothy Masuka

Jita Bug (West Nkosi) - West Nkosi

Hamba Gwi (Benny Gwigwi Mrwebe / S. Segoe) - The Jazz Dazzlers

Swazi Twist (Zacks Nkosi) - Jabu Nkosi

Pula Kgosi Seretse (Mirriam Makeba) - Skylarks

Back of the Moon (Todd Matshikiza / Patricia Williams) - Mirriam Makeba

Money, Root of All Evil (Jack A. Lerole) - Big Voice Jack

Compilation 2001 (Jansen and Sons of Table Mountain track taken from Cape Jazz Classics - see above)

NB. Spellings and Composers as per CD notes